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Improved Leg Pillow
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Improved Leg Pillow

  • Protects the spine from misalignment - Relief for the lower back and hips
  • Promotes blood circulation - Reduce the risk of chronic back pain
  • Opens up the airways - Lower the chance of sleep apnea
  • Pregnancy proof
  • One-time investment - Save yourself the doctor's visit and medical bills

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SmoothSpine™ Leg Pillow
(578 reviews)
Side Sleeping should be safe and comfortable!
Studies show that uneven sleeping can negatively impact the structure of your spine over time. Better sleep posture helps.

As the University of Rochester explains, for side sleepers, placing our pillow between your legs can help you keep your body naturally aligned and stay kind to your spine each night. 
Total Body Alignment
Sleeping with our leg pillow prevents rotating and pulling the spine out of alignment.
By keeping the knees on top of one another, your spine and hips are perfectly aligned, which saves you from unwanted pressure and tension.
Improves Blood Circulation
If you’ve woken up with tingling limbs or swollen legs, you might have poor circulation to blame.
The elevation of putting a pillow between your legs will help blood flow through the 'vena cava', which is a major vein carrying blood to the heart and back.
Opens Up Airways
Side-sleeping with our pillow helps to open up your airways more during the night. This lowers the chance of sleep apnea.

Wake Up Feeling Fresh
A good night’s sleep is essential to restoring your energy and mental awareness.
It helps boost your mood and prepare you for your day, but also helps you recover from illness or heal from injury.
So, if you are feeling ANY discomfort when you wake up, check your sleep posture. It should be your #1 priority every night.
Recommended by
Health Professionals

Physicians, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers trust the SmoothSpine™

 Improved Leg Pillow because of its superior design.

By using the SmoothSpine Improved Leg Pillow, many patients report experiencing way less joint and muscle pain.
Additionally, they are experiencing better nights of sleep, less stress and overall feeling better upon waking up and throughout the day.

What makes the SmoothSpine leg pillow special?
Find out why you should choose SmoothSpine over a regular pillow.
Regular Pillow
Prevents misalignment
Stays in place
Perfect firmness
Gets hot
Machine washable
Comfier Nights
We love our SmoothSpine™ Improved Leg Pillow and are confident you will too! That’s why we're offering a Risk-Free Trial.
If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a FULL refund within 30 days AFTER receiving your order.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I use the pillow?
1. Simply sit or lay down with the pillow in your hand.
2. Put your foot through the space between the elastic strap and the pillow.
3. Adjust the pillow based on what feels comfortable for you. (The most common method is with the pointy side pointing towards your feet).
4. Done! Goodnight.
Can I wash the pillow?
Yes! The pillow cover is machine washable. Easily unzip the zipper and throw the cover in the washing machine. Fresh and ready to help you sleep & feel better.
How does your 30-Night Money Back Guarantee work?
If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a FULL refund within 30 days AFTER receiving your order. Please reach out to our customer support team at support@smoothspine.com to initiate the process.
What payment methods do you accept?
- All creditcards (Including VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express)
- Apple Pay and Google Pay
- Shopify Pay
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