About Us

Ah, so you want to know more about us? 

Well, sit back, kick those feet up and sip on your hot coffee. This, my dear reader, is a story unlike any other you’ve probably heard before… 

Our story began when the founder of SmoothSpine was, again (sigh...), going through the day while not having had the proper night's rest. He decided he wanted to get the comfortable sleep he needs, now. But.. how?

At that moment he combined his knowledge with (mostly) advice from professionals to create the best solution on the market: SmoothSpine™ was born.

At SmoothSpine we aim to smoothen your life with the best pillows for tension, alignment and pain on the market. Our products are designed to bring you the most smoothness you've ever felt. Everyday. All day.

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There you have it - our origin story. Sure, it’s not glamorous - but it’s real.

Team SmoothSpine.