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SmoothShoulder™ Brace - Day & Night Support
(4.8/5 Rated By 28,579+ Customers)

SmoothShoulder™ Brace - Day & Night Support

Are you struggling with persistent shoulder pain?
  • Natural Pain Relief: Say goodbye to the painkillers!
  • Recommended by Experts: Our brace offers immediate support for your shoulder, whether you're active or at rest.
  • Surgery-Free Fix: Avoid costly surgeries and intimidating procedures. 
  • Perfect For: From sprains to arthritis, sore arms to frozen shoulders, we've got you covered.
  • Benefits for a Better Life: Maintain normal range of movements without pain, safeguard your healing shoulder muscles, and speed up your post-surgery recovery.

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SmoothShoulder™ Brace 
4.8/5 Rated 
 Experience Pain-Free Living with the SmoothShoulder™ Brace
Everyday activities can worsen shoulder pain, leading to chronic discomfort, stiffness, and limitations. 
That's precisely why we developed the SmoothShoulder™ Brace – to offer a healthy, natural solution for swift pain relief while restoring shoulder stability and range of motion.
Instant Shoulder Stability
Put on the SmoothShoulder™ Brace and feel your shoulder stabilize right away. It's like having a dependable friend by your side, reducing inflammation and discomfort through targeted compression.
Boost Confidence with Better Posture
Imagine standing tall, feeling stronger, and exuding confidence every day. The SmoothShoulder™ Brace not only eases your pain but also gently guides your posture, helping you project self-assuredness in your daily life.
Your Affordable In-Home Physiotherapist
Say goodbye to costly clinic visits. Our SmoothShoulder™ brace brings personalized therapy to your doorstep, providing comfort and convenience as you embark on your journey to pain relief.

Rediscover the Joy of an Active Lifestyle
Don't let shoulder pain sideline your passions. Our brace empowers you to rejoin the activities you cherish, whether it's sports, swimming, or your favorite hobbies. Regain your active lifestyle and savor the pure joy of movement.

How does it work?

The SmoothShoulder™ Brace is your key to shoulder stability and pain relief

Thanks to its dual compression technology, this brace also eases pressure on your sore muscles, providing relief from shoulder discomfort and pain.

Furthermore, the Smooth Spine Brace delivers targeted medical compression to your shoulder area, promoting better blood flow. This fosters a healing environment, kickstarting your body's natural recovery process.

This innovative combination of features brings you instant relief from shoulder pain, muscle tension, and imbalances.

With consistent use, it not only provides immediate comfort but also contributes to the long-term well-being and functionality of your shoulder, ensuring enduring relief.

Recommended by
Health Professionals

The SmoothShoulder™ Brace has undergone rigorous testing, not only by our team in-house but also 

by numerous healthcare professionals who've personally tried it on their patients with the most challenging shoulder issues.

Physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists place their trust in the SmoothShoulder™ Brace due to its exceptional design.

Patients who have used the SmoothShoulder™ Brace frequently report significant reductions 

in joint and muscle pain, particularly in the shoulder area. 

Additionally, they enjoy improved sleep quality, reduced stress levels, 

and an overall sense of well-being upon waking up and throughout the day.

How To Use The SmoothShoulder™️ Brace 


Begin by threading one end of the long strap through the buckle and fasten the velcro to secure it in place. 


Slide the brace over your shoulder. Guide the long strap from behind and pass it through the chest buckle. 


To ensure optimal support, unfasten the velcro under your arm and then re-tighten it as needed.


For additional compression, adjust the triangular flap over the top of your shoulder as desired.

Is it Better Than a Chiropractic Appointment?

Unlike going to get a massage or seeing a physical therapist, the SmoothShoulder Brace is super convenient. You can use it whenever you want, wherever you want, without shelling out $100 per hour for a chiropractor or therapist.

Just buy it once, and you're good to go!

Plus, while massages might make you feel better for a little while, they don't fix the real problem causing your shoulder pain. To really get rid of that pain, you need stable muscle support all day and night, so you can move around without hurting.

So, if you want to treat the real issue in the long run, the SmoothShoulder™ Brace is the way to go.

Long-term solution
for shoulder pain
Fits seamlessly into
your routine
Provide compression and support
Short-time fix
One-time payment
Pain Relief
We love our SmoothShoulder™ Brace  and are confident you will too! That’s why we're offering a Risk-Free Trial.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the SmoothShoulder™ Brace  suitable for all types of shoulder pain?
While our brace is designed to address a broad spectrum of shoulder discomforts, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional regarding your unique condition. However, it's worth noting that numerous users have shared their experiences of substantial relief from various shoulder-related issues. These include conditions like Rotator Cuff Inflammation, Frozen Shoulder, Dislocation, Impingement Syndrome, Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Shoulder Instability, and Post-Operative Recovery.
How does the brace compare to painkillers or expensive treatments?
In contrast to painkillers that provide only temporary relief and may carry potential side effects, our brace is designed to deliver lasting comfort. What's more, it offers a cost-effective alternative to pricier treatments such as chiropractic sessions or osteopathy. Investing in the SmoothShoulder™ Brace  is a one-time commitment to your overall well-being.

*Results according to a survey done by 412 customers.
How comfortable is the SmoothShoulder™ Brace  to wear daily?
Our brace is crafted with breathable fabric and an ergonomic design, ensuring optimal ventilation and comfort throughout the day. Its adjustable features also guarantee a snug fit for all body types, allowing you to wear it daily without any discomfort.
How long until I see relief in my shoulder pain?
Instantly! The Smooth Shoulder Brace will provide instant relief from shoulder pain & tension the first time you use it. With consistent use over a two-week period, you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.
Can I wear it while sleeping?
Yes, you can! This ensures that your shoulder is in the right posture while you turn around in your bed during sleep.
What size is the SmoothShoulder™ Brace?
It's a one size fits all. You adjust the straps to make it fit comfortably.
How do I use the SmoothShoulder™ Brace ?
Putting on the SmoothShoulder™ Brace  is as simple as fastening a belt. Begin by sliding your arm through the designated sleeve. Afterward, adjust the chest strap to attain a comfortable fit that provides optimal support.
During the initial use, we suggest experimenting with different tightness settings to discover the pressure and support level that suits you best. Give each setting a try for at least 30-60 minutes before making adjustments to gauge long-term comfort.
What payment methods do you accept?
- All creditcards (Including VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express)
- Apple Pay and Google Pay
- Shopify Pay
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Claude C.

Used this for the first time yesterday while doing yardwork. So surprised to find that I was able to move easily while wearing this, no restriction of my range of motion. The support it gave while doing the work was great. I also had minimal pain afterwards (when normally I would have been in great pain). Pleased to have found this.

Jodie O.

Reduce my pain, I can feel the difference. The delivery was very fast, thank you

Dee B.

Brace works pretty well but setting you have a little room unless you tighten it up. If you are just standing you can adjust it to fit snug, but if you are working like bending over or lifting over your head the brace is loose or too tight. you just can't get a brace that supports you in all positions unless you are constantly adjusting it. If you sit down and adjust it and just watch TV it works well. I like a snug fit all the time, so it holds my shoulder firm but haven't found a brace yet that will do it, this one is the best so for.

Clinton H.

Yeah it helps me. I have had 2 tares in my rotator cuff and that has been there for 3 years. So now I’m in chronic pain all the time. Recently started working again. And this brace helps me when I start having pains.

Patrica K.

It is great. Love it. Keeps my shoulder from hurting.

Franklin B.

I have a fracture in my humerus and this brace holds everything in place. I was having trouble getting our of bed now no problems. So comfortable!!!

Blanca O.

I ordered the product for my right shoulder which got dislocated. I like that I can adjust the tightness for both the arm and the strap over my chest easily. I feel much more secure to move my arm/shoulder around when I wear it.

Ira A.

I really liked this shoulder brace! The material is very durable and adjustable! I tore my rotor cuff and I have difficulties falling asleep because it was painful. My shoulder was getting worse everyday. I have a sling but at night I wouldn't wear it. I'm able to wear the shoulder brace to sleep and even if I move in my sleep i'm not waking up in pain. It has helped me a lot!

Ruth M.

Bought this for my husband who trains horses who has a torn rotator w. This brace helps keep his shoulder in place while he’s working so he doesn’t keep re-injuring it. While it’s hot to wear in Texas heat, it’s a lot cooler than the bigger brace he has that wraps around his torso.

Celeste M.

I got a painful case of tendinitis from my shoulder blade, to my shoulder and elbow. I was having a terrible time with sleeping etc. this shoulder brace was effective in helping me moderate the problem without totally disabling my use of my arm. The brace stabilizes the shoulder but will also serve as a constant reminder to avoid motion that will lengthen your recovery. I also used bio freeze and occasionally used a heating pad and freezer bags. It’s been about 5 weeks and I would guess I’m about 80 to 90% recovered.